10 tiny homes that put quality over quantity

Tiny house fever has taken hold in cities around the world, as housing prices continue to rise and as people continue to look for more ecologically conscious ways to live. Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes and we think these 10 examples are more than enough proof that size really doesn’t matter.

brick-house-azevedoChristi Azevedo, a San Francisco architect, designed the brick house from a laundry boiler room. Now, the structure is full service, 93-square-foot guest apartment with a full kitchen, living room, bathroom and bed loft with queen mattress laid out over three levels. Built-ins make the most of the small space.

tiny-house-hotelDeb Delman and her partner Kol Peterson are the founders, owners and partners of Caravan – Portland, Oregon’s tiny house hotel. Delman spent most of her adult life living in unusual small dwellings, from yurts to barns to garages. Caravan offers visitors the chance to stay in one of six custom-built tiny houses right in the heart of city.

shepherds-hut-somersetThe owners of the Shepherd’s Hut holiday homes in Somerset, UK, had a similar idea. Their four luxury cottages offer a ‘glamping’ getaway from the city with all the comforts of home. Each hut has a complete bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, dining area, double bed as well as wifi, DVD player and radio.

the-crib-broadhurstThe Crib takes its shape from traditional American corn cribs, where corn was dried and stored on farms in the midwest. Made from sustainable and recycled materials, the design offers 450 square feet of living space, including an outdoor deck accessed through an overhead garage door.

writers-block-chengsnyderThe ‘Writer’s Block‘ cabin, built at the mouth of the Sheepscott River in Westport, Maine, offers a writing studio, weekend retreat and boat house in just 190 square feet. The unique canoe storage area serves as a combination workspace and bed inside. The windows and awning are arranged to maximize views and allow passive heating and cooling.

yolo-county-cabin-butlerarmsdenThe architecture of this cabin set on a farm in California’s Sacramento Valley is inspired by the local water towers and lean-to sheds common to the area. The cabin offers bedroom, bathroom, additional sleeping loft and 360-degree views to the horizon.

matchbox-house-boneyardstudiosThe Matchbox is one of several tiny houses on wheels built by Boneyard Studios in Washington, D.C., to promote the benefits of tiny houses. The 140-square-foot home is fully off-grid, zero-waste and self-sustaining and serves as a model for what urban living can be.

thekidd-salvage-tinytexashousesEverything is bigger in Texas, or so the saying goes. Except, perhaps, the Kidd. This tiny home is 67 square feet of living space, offering a shower, kitchenette, bedroom and a desk upstairs. Made from 99% salvaged materials, it is one of a series of salvaged Tiny Texas Houses built by Brad Kittel, leader of what he calls the ‘Rubble to Riches Renaissance’.

katrina-homeThis tiny yellow cottage sparked a ton of media interest in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The so-called Katrina Cottage was designed as an affordable way to give dislocated residents a permanent place to call home. Entire communities of tiny cottages were envisioned but, in reality, people wanted to move back into the type of suburban neighborhoods they had been used to. “To many, smaller implied settling for less,” said Ben Brown, who advocated for the Katrina Cottages and even lived in one for a while.

eyrie-cabin-cheshireThis 300-square-foot holiday home in coastal New Zealand is built to integrate into the surrounding landscape. Picture windows offer views of the water and the hillside. The windows also serve as doors – accessed through makeshift steps in pull-down window shutters. Inside, is one cozy but minimalist room.

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