Rustik Magazine wouldn’t be anywhere without the help of our contributors:


  • Amber Tapley

    Amber Tapley

    A lifelong lover of plants, Amber is currently studying to become a Certified Herbalist. She aims to open a practice in Cape Breton and is currently available for consultations.

  • Anne Wentzell

    Anne Wentzell

    Born and raised in Toronto, Anne and her husband now call the South Shore of Nova Scotia home. Anne started freelance writing seven years ago and also enjoys reading, cycling, amateur astronomy and long walks along the beach.

  • Cat Ellis

    Cat Ellis

    A practicing herbalist and author of Prepper's Natural Medicine, Cat lives on the New England coast with her children and husband, a beekeeper.

  • Catherine Friend

    Catherine Friend

    A former 'city girl,' Catherine lives on a small farm in southeastern Minnesota, where she and her partner Melissa raise sheep and cattle. She writes adult nonfiction, fiction, and children's books.

  • Chris Peterson

    Chris Peterson

    Chris Peterson is a veteran home improvement and design author living in Ashland, Oregon. The 5-Gallon Bucket Book is among the many books he has written, including numerous home design books with noted media celebrities.

  • Daniella Martin

    Daniella Martin

    Daniella is a writer, blogger and the host of a forthcoming insect cooking/travel show. Read more at: Girl Meets Bug.

  • David Kennedy

    David Kennedy

    David is the founder and director of Leaf for Life, a nonprofit dedicated to the elimination of global malnutrition through the optimum use of leaf crops to support human health.

  • Denise Adams

    Denise Adams

    Denise is a lifelong seaside gardener who works as a landscaping consultant and custom home designer for Saltspray Holdings Inc., in the area of St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia.

  • Diana Chard

    Diana Chard

    As a dietitian and well being counselor, Diana aims to help people relearn how to have a healthy relationship with food. She blogs at

  • Elspeth McLean-Wile

    Elspeth McLean-Wile

    Elspeth and her husband Peter are the founders and managers of the Wile’s Lake Farm Market and hardworking members of the Wile Family Farm.

  • Evelyn Hadden

    Evelyn Hadden

    Evelyn Hadden is an award-winning author and a founding member of the national Lawn Reform Coalition. She helps people create and maintain comfortable, functional, nature-friendly landscapes with less or no lawn.

  • Florence Strang

    Florence Strang

    A registered psychologist, horticultural therapist, and award-winning blogger, Florence is also the author of 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips For Surviving It.

  • Geoffrey Budworth

    Geoffrey Budworth

    After a varied career as a high-ranking London policeman, officer in local government and full-time lecturer, Geoffrey Budworth is now a freelance author and a well-known name within the knotting fraternity.

  • Heidi Carmichael

    Heidi Carmichael

    A horticulturist who coordinates the trial gardens at Veseys Seeds in York, PEI, Heidi enjoys running and spending time with family and friends when she's not gardening.

  • Jackie Bennett

    Jackie Bennett

    Jackie Bennett is an award-winning writer who has studied garden design and landscape history. She runs writing workshops for the Society of Garden Designers and for the Cambridge and Oxford Botanic Gardens.

  • Jonathan Waddell

    Jonathan Waddell

    Jon is a writer living on Nova Scotia's south shore.

  • Joseph Crocker

    Joseph Crocker

    The chef and owner of Peasant’s Pantry, Joseph uses his culinary and fine dining experience to create charcuterie and other specialty meats using 100% local pork, beef, lamb and poultry.

  • Lisa Burgschmidt

    Lisa Burgschmidt

    A drifter, photographer, writer and cooking enthusiast with an interest in wildcrafting and herbalism, Lisa lives on the north mountain in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, growing medicinal herbs and vegetables.

  • Lisa Kivirist

    Lisa Kivirist

    Lisa and her husband, John D. Ivanko, are the innkeepers of the award-winning Inn Serendipity Bed & Breakfast and the authors of numerous books, including Soil Sisters: A Toolkit for Women Farmers.

  • Madeleine Somerville

    Madeleine Somerville

    Madeleine's love of writing comes first, followed by an insatiable desire to create a simple, earth-friendly life. She lives in British Columbia and writes at

  • Meredith Leigh

    Meredith Leigh

    In addition to consulting with agriculture groups and non-profits and teaching cooking and butchery classes, Meredith is the author of 'The Ethical Meat Handbook'.

  • Monika Benker

    Monika Benker

    At HillTop Farm, which Monika co-owns with partner Karl in Nova Scotia's Lunenburg County, voluntary simplicity is the motto.

  • Natalie Costa

    Natalie Costa

    Natalie’s writing has appeared in Cosmopolitan, GOOD Magazine and xoJane, as well as local newspapers. Tweet her at @ncosta818

  • Necee Regis

    Necee Regis

    Necee writes about travel and food. She has never met an oyster she didn’t want to eat. Follow her oyster-eating adventures at

  • Niki Jabbour

    Niki Jabbour

    The author of 'The Year Round Vegetable Gardener' and the forthcoming 'Groundbreaking Food Gardens', Niki also hosts a weekly radio show called The Weekend Gardener.

  • Sadie Beaton

    Sadie Beaton

    Sadie works on marine and coastal issues with the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax and curates a fisheries blog called Small Scales.

  • Sandra Cherniawsky

    Sandra Cherniawsky

    An avid gardener, Sandra is an experienced reporter who has worked for local weekly newspapers. She is lives with her husband, dogs and cats near Evansburg, Alberta.

  • Theresa Loe

    Theresa Loe

    A life-long canner, Theresa is the co-Executive Producer and on-air canning expert of Growing A Greener World, a gardening series on PBS. She also runs Living Homegrown.

  • Wendy Jones

    Wendy Jones

    Wendy has worked as a journalist on weekly and daily papers, as well as for e-zines. She currently works at the PEI Farm Centre.

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