Holiday greetings and gratitude


With the new year just around the corner, overflowing in its fresh optimism and champagne, we have taken to reflecting at Christmastime; recognizing important successes and high-water marks and those of the opposite persuasion, too.

Time and time again, its the great people that have made the year unique. We count all of you who continue to read, comment and otherwise support Rustik as incredibly important to the entire team here at the magazine. If we could name each of you and thank you personally, we absolutely would.

Of course, there are those with whom Rustik has a direct and vital relationship – those who ensure we’re free of charge, eminently readable and looking our best. We need to thank them and by extension, encourage you to support them, as well.

Our friends Jonathan and Peter at Organism keep us looking great and current with all the technical aspects of putting together Rustik. They pulled off a great refresh of the site in April 2014 to mark our one year anniversary. They designed a super-cool site for Alimentary Ideas. We thank them for their continued support, patience and long hours.

In December 2013, Elspeth Wile MacLean from Wile’s Lake Farm Market in Bridgewater, NS, approached us about the possibility of something collaborative with Rustik. Given the United Nations declaration of 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming, Wile’s Lake agreed to underwrite a monthly series of articles on family farms in Atlantic Canada. The results were amazing – a compilation of tales and profiles from the land that chronicled the love, devotion and challenges of farms across this great region. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations even featured these stories on their website. Look for a wrap-up and reflection on the year-long series in Rustik this January.

On 13 September, Rustik presented Canada’s first ever food and word festival, Alimentary Ideas in Chester, NS. We had amazing guests and were thrilled with the feedback and support from both the community and the guest speakers. Mark Singer from the New Yorker and Scott DeSimon from Bon Appetit magazine headlined the event that also featured Canada’s hottest chef, Jeremy Charles from Raymonds in St. John’s as well as entrepreneurs Tanya Kelly (Blunt Roll), Scott Norton (Sir Kensington’s Ketchup) and William Allaway (Acadian Maple).

If you were there, you know that we have an unofficial sister event, called Food and Words, in Sydney, Australia, run by none other than food writer and editor, Barbara Sweeney (a great inspiration for us). Sure, we know about the event’s needed adjustments and growing pains, nonetheless we will be planning the next Alimentary Ideas for 2015 soon. A massive thanks to all of our guest speakers and attendees, but also to those organizations who rallied around us, including the Chester Chamber of Commerce, the Chester Playhouse, and the Chester Merchant’s Group, among many other individuals and groups!

Rustik continues to build a strong relationship with the folks at the Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia. We attribute the ongoing strengthening to the intelligent leadership and enlightened board that guides its activities, including Keltie Butler and Natalie Ibbott-Smith (among others). Rustik is very supportive of farming as a major source of positivity for this region’s economy and its self-sufficiency. We look forward to continuing efforts to modernize and systematize data collection and strengthen the business case for farming as a major pillar of prosperity for the region. Thank you, FMNS!

Where would be be without our writers? There are many to note, including those who took the lead on farm profiles – Simon Thibault and Jon Waddell – and great health specialists – Lisa Burgschmidt and Diana Chard – among many other great writers and publishers who contributed their time, wisdom and words to Rustik. Our goal is to continue to offer compelling information and entertainment on your screen, smartphone and tablet in 2015 and beyond. We hope you’ll continue to join us and support us.

From our family at Rustik, to yours wherever you are in Atlantic Canada and beyond, a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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