The artful bodgers

(Photo Credit: flattop via flickr)

(Photo Credit: flattop via flickr)

Bodging is what happens when creative individuals set to work re-purposing and re-using materials that are lying around. When the skill is honed, some even consider it a form of art.

Often times, bodging is born of necessity; other times it is just the whim of a hobbyist. A central tenet of country living is that nothing goes to waste if it can be used to get a job done or provide entertainment. In fact, the team at Rustik loves these creations for precisely that reason: they wholeheartedly embrace the ‘waste not, want not’ adage.

Atlantic Canada has its fair share of clever bodgers. And, thanks to Kijiji (the free online marketplace), some of their creations can also be yours. Whether you’re preparing for yardwork or moving snow, these are five fun creations (of many) the Rustik team thought you might enjoy. We’d love to see your favourites, as well — post’em if you’ve got’em!

I Heart Snow

How can you not love this creation? Sure it’s a double-whammy when it comes to carbon footprint, but the design ingenuity is clear. Take an old lawn tractor chassis, change the direction of intended travel (along with all the other stuff needed to propel it), power it with a 13hp engine, add a 44-inch wide 12hp self-powered auger snow blower, and then devise a slick raise-and-lower mechanism using a cab-mounted electric winch.

As expected, the seller says it “works great…lots of power… blower has it’s [sic] own motor… tractor has a new 13hp… wheel chains all around winch raises blower up and down… both electric start motors.” Last time we checked, the ad had been viewed more than 1000 times.

Compost King
composter-1 composter-2

Coastal living often means needing a dock. Making a dock often means finding some old plastic barrels (to float the dock). What happens when you’ve got an extra barrel hanging around? You make compost! This spinning composter uses a welded angle iron frame and industrial bearings to handle the weight and rotational forces. And it’s clear from the pictures that the composter is just one in a series of re-purposed items. For example: notice the red trailer in the background? It’s made with an old steel oil tank!

The seller says: “Homemade composter for making your own compost. Has handle to turn barrel. Reason for selling, we used it when we lived in town. Made bigger one with pallets. No longer need.” No mention of whether the trailer is also for sale.


This clever creator obviously likes vodka. But technically speaking, any favourite alcohol — or more to the point, any remnant alcohol bottles — will do. Plus, it sure beats the 5 cent refund option.

In the seller’s words: “Custom cut gray goose drinking glasses. Great for a home bar or even just to drink juice in a different exciting glass! All hand made by myself. The small glasses are about 425ml and the large glasses are about 625ml. I am selling these: 4 small glasses $40 / 1 small $12.50. 4 large glasses $40 / 1 large $15. You can even safely wash these in the dishwasher for easy cleaning !”

E-Z Rider

easy-rider-1This is what you get when an old lawn tractor, a welder, a deep desire for the open road, and loads of imagination come together. You may not go that far with this Mad Max-like creation, but you will look good — or bad, depending on the angle you’re going for. Plus, it has a trailer hitch; yard work will never be the same.

The seller provides all the specs in the description: “16 horse motor with a 3 speed an [sic] reverse hydrostatic tranny, runs and drives well. its one of a kind.” You can say that again!

Fire in the Pit

The creator of the rimpit, so-dubbed for its clever use of steel truck wheels and heavy gauge pipe, actually invents a whole new outdoor flame containment system. From its design, this clearly is not a chiminea, nor is it a woodstove, nor is it a simple firepit or BBQ. Instead, it’s a hybrid that integrates clever design and high-quality execution.

The seller (who is presumably the maker) modestly describes the breakthrough “homemade fire pit” as being “…great for campfires at the cottage or in your back yard for roasting wieners/marsh mellows [sic]. Steaks are amazing on this!” (Despite the dates on photos, the ad is current, which means you could enjoy one of these yourself.)

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